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Cellular Medicine

Health Professionals for Cellular Medicine (HPCM) is an international partnership of physicians, naturopathic practitioners, and other practicing healthcare providers.

HPCM has set itself the goal of implementing science-based natural remedies, especially those in the field of micronutrients, into medical practice and contributing to prevention-oriented health care.


Who can become a member?

All practicing health professionals with a recognized diploma or other appropriate qualification can become a member of HPCM. It is necessary to provide us with a copy of your qualifications or appropriate registration number when you apply for membership. Membership of HPCM is not possible without such proof.

HPCM is an international partnership for all health professionals from around the world.


What does an HPCM membership mean?

By becoming a member of HPCM, you indicate that you are prepared to apply your knowledge in the field of scientifically based natural remedies, especially the field of micronutrients, and to further develop and make this knowledge available to your patients. You should have a willingness to advise patients who contact you, and to provide them with targeted advice and recommendations on micronutrients.

HPCM membership requires a basic knowledge of Cellular Medicine and of scientific research conducted with micronutrients. Members of HPCM are expected to continually develop their knowledge in this area, based on the current guidelines applicable at that time.


What are the benefits of an HPCM membership?

Information for therapists about current research with micronutrients

As a member of HPCM you will regularly receive up-to-date information about new discoveries in the field of micronutrient research. This information contains both results from tissue research, as well as from clinical and epidemiological studies. You will also receive background information and insights from the most prominent research institutes in the field of cellular medicine and micronutrient research. This especially includes research conducted at the Dr. Rath Research Institute for Cellular Medicine in California.

Therapeutic discount on cellular medicine formulas

As a member of the HPCM you can order cellular nutrient products with a therapeutic discount of 25%.


Membership of HPCM is voluntary and free-of-charge. It can be terminated by a member at any time without giving any reason. Terminations of membership must be made in writing.

HPCM reserves the right to refuse any membership application or to terminate a person’s membership, based on the current guidelines applicable at that time.


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